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In a magical world where apes ruled the metaverse, a magical thousand-year-old tree sprouted cute baby apes. A flock of storks were the loyal companions of the thousand-year-old tree. One sunny day, a total of 9,999 baby apes were born. Storks followed their inner call and delivered all the baby apes. The families were so grateful and elated that they wanted even more baby apes. All were delivered and all lived a joyous life with their parents.

As the parents were busy navigating the metaverse and the kid apes grew up, they left their kid apes with Victorior, the friendliest teacher in the whole metaverse. Victorior was beloved by the kid apes since he is a talented art teacher who spreads his love through art.

Roadmap Status

Back to school

🍌Team will engage with crypto experts and column writers to teach Ape Kids holders about block-chain, cold wallets, NFTs, and much more!

Lemonade Stand

🍌The team will prepare exclusive Ape Kids Merch only for holders!

Dance Party

🍌We like to surprise our holders! We will keep this a secret for now.

Ape Kids Giveaway Bank

🍌We are reserving 52 Ape Kids to give away once a week every Sunday in 2022!

Kids Give Back

🍌Ape Kids Charity! A fixed 5% of sales and royalties will go to charity. We will also open an Ape Kids Charity account in OpenSea and help artists sell their own NFTs! 50% of sales will go to the artist and 50% will go to charity.

Christmas Presents

🍌You guys will not want to miss this! Santa will gift every single Ape Kids a special present for Christmas.

Ape Kids Club Anthem Song by BENZ0official
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