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Concept art for Toke City in the metaverse

The Crypto Cannabis Club is a collection of 10,000 NFToker avatars who spend their days chilling on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTokers’ utility include the ability to breed and sell cannabis plant NFTs on secondary markets, compete in crypto cannabis cup competitions, and passively earn by going to work in the greenhouse (aka staking). Come hang with like-minded individuals in the dopest smoke spot in the metaverse.

Roadmap Status


Our team of artists and developers will be working in a collaborative effort to merge CCC with leading brands in the cannabis industry to create exclusive merchandise for NFTokin holders. Our merchandise store is currently being built out and will host CCC branded merchandise as well as limited collaborations. Stay tuned for collaboration announcements in the discord.


We’ll be holding a weekly podcast on Weed Wednesdays every week at 7:30 EST. On each episode, our moderators and developers will share current and future plans with the community and chop it up with guest speakers, breeders, to glass blowers, to musicians and cannabis pioneers. We aim to educate the NFT community and shine some light on current issues, bright spots, and what’s in store for the future.

Trade Shows

The Crypto Cannabis Club will be on the road hitting cannabis trade shows around the US, Canada, and Europe, to educate the cannabis community and forge partnerships with industry leading brands. Outside of the NFT space, our primary focus will be locking down partnerships and discounts for NFTokin holders providing additional utility and value to the NFToker holders.


Owning an NFToker and NFTokin will grant you access to play-to-earn gamification on our website. Owners will have the opportunity to compete in head to head competitions with fellow NFTokin holders in daily and monthly Crypto Cannabis Cup competitions. members can also take their plants to the breeding rooms where the can use the data collected from competing and breed a new NFTokin plant with the goal of producing a winner. We’ll be posting updates of progress on our game throughout the next few months of development.


We will be updating the site and adding teaching tools for Crypto Cannabis Cup competitions and breeding. The devs are working on creating a visual explanation and brief description of how our breeding function will work and play out so that users can get a better understanding. We will be adding a page to the website with information on how the breeding will function, as well as game-play scoring.


We’ve reinvested into the community to bring you guys a CCC headquarters in Sandbox, Decentraland, and Cryptovoxels. We’ve partnered with some of the best developers in each metaverse to bring an immersive experience where users can interact with the community and bring their tokers to life. We will be hosting events in the metaverse with brand sponsors, giveaways, limited merchandise drops and more! You will be experiencing CCC in the metaverse sooner than you think!

Sneak peek into the new upcoming partnership with the Sandbox
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