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Collage of Rare Ghost Club NFTs

Rare Ghost Club (RGC) is an NFT project consisting of 5,000 unique combinations of ghosts inspired by Pink+Dolphin’s brand history since inception in 2008. Every character is a unique collectible with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your Rare Ghost Doubles as your membership card to the Rare Ghost Club which grants access to members only benefits. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

Roadmap Status

RGC Dashboard

Soon after our initial mint, you will be able to connect your wallet to our dashboard which will populate your membership card along with your collection of Ghosts and all their properties and rarities.

Additional Airdrops

A Companion for your Ghost? After our initial mint, we’ll be airdropping an additional companion to our holders at random. We also have hyper-rare one-offs and artist collabs planned that you won’t want to miss, and we’ll always be looking for new opportunities to bring creators and partners from our community into the mix.

RGC Webstore

We wanted to take our background in apparel design and logistics and bridge the gap between online and on-shelf. One of our core focuses with Rare Ghost Club is a custom-built store where you can allow others to purchase items with your Ghost on them; while you receive royalties on corresponding sales while you still hold your Ghost.

Exclusive Physical Items

We’re not just interested in selling high-end items; we want to give them away to our community. Our team has been working behind the scenes on items like custom-made chains and other pieces that we’ll be gifting to the holders of our rarest Ghosts.

Exclusive Events

Want to meet other holders? Just for holding you’ll receive invitations to our exclusive parties for new drops and performances from our artist friends and more.


Holding and earning is great, but what else? We plan on launching a full game based on the world of the Rare Ghost Club; where you’ll be able to play with your Ghost inside the Metaverse. Over time; we plan on working with partners and colleagues to expand our footprint into other gaming universes and platforms as well.

Rare Ghost Art Club

Our exclusive art club that is accessed with your Rare Ghost Club Membership. Want to bring your one of one Ghost to life in the real world? We’re working on solutions to be able to bring your ghost to life on a museum quality framed canvas, as a 3D-printed toy and more physical collectible art pieces.

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