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The Squishy Squad is a collection of 8,888 dangerously cute squishes that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each piece was thoroughly crafted, selectively chosen, and beautifully coded for our incredible community. Each squish is cute, goofy, and knows how to party like there’s no tomorrow.

Roadmap Status

Exclusive Squishy Community

After minting, Squishy Squad holders will have exclusive access to a private channel. We will discuss NFT and crypto updates. Moreover, the Squad will create a tight-knit community with many events.

Squishy Games

Let’s play! The Squishy Squad will be hosting exclusive quiz games. The winners will be awarded in Ethereum, Squishes, whitelists on other upcoming projects, or NFTs! The games will bring our entire community together in a fun and competitive way.

Squishy DAO

The DAO will create a community focused on deciding the direction of the Squishy Squad. We will collectively improve the expansion of the ecosystem and how best to integrate creativity into our WEB3 and NFT development. Our DAO structure will showcase the true power of decentralization. Ultimately, every squish will have a voice in our future.

Charitable Donations

The Squad will be donating $10,000 to HUGS! This donation will significantly help families in Hawaii facing the financial and emotional hardships of caring for a seriously ill child. For 39 years, HUGS has served Hawaii children, ages birth to 21, diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses ranging from cancer, cardia issues, liver and kidney ailments, and chromosomal defects. The founding team was born and raised in the beautiful state of Hawaii and would love for our community to come together and support these challenged families. We also look forward to giving back to other charities and hosting charitable events in the future!

VIP Merch Store

We will have everything from shirts, shorts, hoodies, plushies, and more! Squishy Squad holders will receive a significant discount on these items. So you’re going to be rocking with some awesome Squishy Squad merch! Sales will go back into the community wallet.

Metal Prints

Members will be eligible to print one of their squishes on an incredibly clean metal print. These physical pieces are crafted for free; pay for shipping. Requirements for eligibility will be announced soon.

Market Bots

NFT market bots will be provided exclusively to holders. These will provide significant insight and analysis into crypto and NFT trading. These new NFTs bots may help guide traders along the way and create a better understanding of the markets. Having access to these bots will also make a massive advantage for traders.

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