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Collage of SupDuck NFTs

The SupDucks NFT collection is painstakingly handcrafted from locally sourced, divinely inspired items that were carefully harvested from a free range, organic plot of ether. Each Duck will enrich your life but most importantly, make your friends and colleagues jealous. So snatch them up and proudly claim your seat at the cool kids table.

Roadmap Status


Unleash the dopest pfp project to date… Have some ducks – “I’ma duck – you’re a duck”

Swag Shop

Integrated with our closest and dearest apparel manufacturer goods partner. We’ll be dropping an exclusive SupDucks Swag Shop. Where you can buy hoodies, shirts, bags, and other rad SupDuck gear.

Since we think SupDucks are for everyone, swag is for everyone. But duck holders get fat % discounts at checkout… So hold ur duck for your discount code!

The Duck App

In 2013, Frankynines built one of the most epic viral sticker apps in the app store. This was the beginning of his success which lead to him collaborating the likeness of Snoop, Aoki, and MajorLazer. We’ll he’s doing it again. Own a duck, rock your duck. A mobile app that let’s you wear your SupDuck’s attributes as stickers and emojis on your photos.

SupDucks Animated Series

We got friends in high places, some are super high, and they think SupDucks would make an awesome animated series. We’re gonna have some chats about shooting a pilot and pitching to a network. Fingers crossed… The pilot will be amazing nontheless!

The Duck Jungle God

We love ducks, we want more ducks. What if you could generate a TOY DUCK by combining your existing ducks? We got something for that, the Jungle down Under is gonna be crackin! Don’t worry this wont effect supply. This will grant duck holders free exclusive NFTs, that you control the look and feel of.


We’ll be here, and we’ll be reppin. Come hang with the crew, meet the gang. It’s goin down in NYC this year!

SupDucks Whitelabel

Being truly passionate about the NFT Space, we want to give creators the power to make their own PFP projects. So we’re gonna opensource our code and build you tools so you can dive in and launch your own PFP project. We give back fam!

SupDucks special release trailer for their companion KingFrogs
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